Dropshippers Membership Charges?!

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25 Oct 07 04:20:40 am
I have become a member at salehoo just a few days ago & since then I have been trying to find legitimate & FREE of membership charge Dropshippers, but it seems that pretty much all the top rated dropshipper charge you for a membership to be able to use the dropshipping feature :shock:

This is pretty shocking & emrbarasing for me because I thought after paying a membership charge at salehoo I would be avoiding these types of charges. How does everyone else deal with this? Does this bother everybody or am I the only person off track here? Does this apply for all the Product Doucing directories or is it just salehoo? :roll:

NOTE: These are the exact words that an eCommerce businessman recently told me & was fully agreed by eBay's powersellers that I could get a hold of:

A REAL Wholesale Dropship Supplier does NOT charge you 'An Account Setup Fee or 'Monthly Fee' just to open or maintain an account with them. Although there is a fee that could be associated with dropshipping & that is the Handling part of 'Shipping & Handling'. That's all that is to it!

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8 Nov 07 06:58:49 pm
I have run into alot of the smae thing also. It makes you wonder if it is a big cir cle jerk and the people who are paying this fee are in the middle.

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9 Nov 07 05:08:59 am
Unfortunately, There are not many good drop ship companies out there.

The eBay market place doesn't allow for it, as the market would saturate itself.

Lets say DOBA got great deals on computers/parts which were competitive on eBay.

Everyone and their mother would be selling them. You still wouldn't make any money as there would be so many sellers in ratio to buyers.

Why would DOBA do this. They would have to invest in so much stock to get the better deal. People would join up realize that there were so many sellers and get discouraged and this happens anyway so it doesn't make sense to do it.

Plus if you have the best prices you might as well sell on eBay yourself.

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9 Nov 07 12:49:49 pm
You can try Link hidden: Login to view for dropshipping. There are no membership fees, or dropshipping fees. And shipping is very reasonable.

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10 Nov 07 12:55:02 am
I would never do business with a dropshipper that makes you pay for the privilege of doing their marketing for them. Dropshipping is hard enough to make a profit in; having to get nickel and dimed to death on fees to boot can kill it for you.


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16 Dec 08 12:38:42 am
Unfortunately many dropshippers charge either a membership fee or a dropshipping fee. This may seem harsh but in the long run it can be beneficial as you do not have to store inventory and don't run the risk of being left with stock you are unable to sell.
You may be interested in reading Jimmy's post on this topic here Link hidden: Login to view

What products are you looking to sell and we can help you find a suitable dropshipper?

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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7 Jan 09 04:15:04 am
I have some of my items dropshipped by two companies. One doesn't charge any fees and the other charges about 30$ per month but I make a ton of sales from their items so I except their fees.

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7 Jan 09 04:49:25 am
There are no hard and set rules with drop shippers and fees, and whatever you were told by the ebay power seller that real drop shippers don't charge a monthly fee is a total load.

What is a real drop shipper?

Essentially anyone who allows you to sell their products without buying them first, and the ships to the end purchaser for you.

Charging a fee has nothing to do with them being real or not, some do, some don't, it's up to you to choose the one that suits your requirements best!

It all comes down to research!

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