Dropshippers prices

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28 Oct 08 02:47:14 am
Wow its hard to make a profit when alot of the sites. Already have items marked up so much that resellers can't profit..I mean why buy from a reseller if you can go to walmart or target to buy it for less! for example people are wanting used or refurb or new iphones but only if they are in their price range. How can you compete with that with the number close to 600 on dropshippers wholesale sites?

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5 Nov 08 01:04:31 am
Honestly the best way to make money leave electronics alone
buy in bulk you dont have to get a 20 foot pallet but small bulk to start with take jimmys site for example start out with the profit packs and work your self up to larger orders you can honestly make good money off of sites like his these dropshipping sites are good for your own website but not ebay I tell people to keep some stuff on hand and use a dropshipper for a filler that is if you have your own website.
What I mean by a filler is your site should revolve around what you buy wholesale then add dropshipping items to make your inventory seem larger.


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