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16 Aug 12 07:33:59 am

Im new to this droppshipping business and i have read the introes and guides you have posted and I just have a few summary questions I hope someone can answer.

I just registered with Chinavasion and is currently looking into their products and what to sell. My current aim is selling through Ebay.

Is it just so simple that i post a product up for sale, take orders, get paid then post orders up against chinavasion and put the receivers name and adress up against chinavasion and they send it to the seller, deal done?

Ofcourse i`m aware that i have to check the stock and be sure that the order arrives, aswell as handle guarantee issues myself. But is there a catch, something written in small letters that i have to worry about?


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16 Aug 12 11:44:28 pm
Hi and welcome michaelsiv :) Glad to have you with us!

To answer your question - YES! That's basically how it should happen in an ideal setting. As to fine prints, you may want o familiarize yourself with the dropshipper's return/refund policy before starting out.

Be prepared for back orders as this is a very common problem among many who use dropshippers and may cause you a good feedback on eBay.

If you have any questions, you should not hesitate to ask you dropshipper so you know fairly well how things will be..

If you haven't, do download your copy of our dropshipping handbook. You'll find it in our Education section under Guides.



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