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18 Aug 14 11:16:35 am
I just wanted to tell you that some dropshippers don't always list their name brand on there product catalog or their website. Either it's out of laziness or they just haven't gotten around to doing it.

So in order for you to have better SEO results from your website/store you need to product name search the upc/product code on your web browser. Example: lingerie product name brand search UPC/product code

The majority of the time you will be able to find it but some times you have to look at your competitor websites for your same niche in order to find the name brand. I had that same problem myself with a dropshipper.

All he wrote was the product name and description but not the name of the brand. So I searched (name of the product)+product name brand search+UPC/product code but without the plus and parenthesis signs. It could take a while searching the competitor websites found on the search results for your product name search because some of your competitors also have the same problem you do and they don't know the product name brand.

But it's well worth it if you want good SEO page rankings and provide your customers with the information they need plus get more sales. There might be a few times when you will not be able to find that information even if you look hard. But for those cases it's better to chose the easier alternative and just contact the dropshipper directly. The previous advice is for when the dropshippers' business hours are closed or they're closed for the weekend/holidays or you just can't get them to reply to your questions. I hope this might help some of you.

Kind Regards,

Juan Gonzalez

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18 Aug 14 01:33:18 pm
Hello Juan,

Thanks for the insights! Really helpful to newbies, too.

I would agree to dropshippers forgetting to update their stocks or items regularly. It may seem that they have not gotten around to doing it yet, or it may just be scheduled on a specific period, like every 2 weeks or so.

For new members that would really like to find out if they are dealing with the right dropshipper for their needs, we always recommend to contact the suppliers directly. This way, they can ask more questions,as well as request for a product catalogue.


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