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5 Feb 15 09:27:08 pm

I am on the fence when it comes to drop shipping high end/authentic products. I understand with a higher ticket item that requires authenticity will come with more caution from customers and more questions also and calls.

I don't understand how to A: advertise or what to say when it comes to this. For example they are going to want to know where I get the product from. So obviously my drop shipper will have THEIR story of how they get wholesale but what is my story? How do I get across to my customer that A: it's authentic and B: where do I get it from? I obviously wouldn't give them my drops shippers name as they would just go there and buy.

Any help is appreciated.


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5 Feb 15 10:30:31 pm
Hi Kirsten,

What you need to do is get what is called "proof of authenticity" from your supplier. Two reasons, the first being that it covers you and the second being to satisfy the customer's concerns. I seriously doubt any customer is going to ask where you get a product from when you have this cert because that eliminates the reason to be concerned.

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