DropShipping Ebay Listing where should I say the item is shipped from?

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19 May 11 03:50:31 pm

Im thinking of using a dropshipper that says they will ship from us or canada. Where should I say that the item is shipped from in my ebay listing? U.S. or canada or both. I was thinking if I list on ebay U.S. id get more interest. any issue if I list on ebay U.S. but they ship from canada.? should I write a disclaimer in the listing saying items could ship from canada as well as the us.? thanks for any help on this topic.

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19 May 11 05:16:34 pm
Hi wick603,

Dropshipping is allowed at eBay, this is referred to as 'product sourcing'. Yes, you can list from anywhere, you just need to declare where the product will be coming from (item location). In your case you need to confirm with the supplier, as for each item you list you will be required to fill this item location info. I don't think you can type in 'from USA or from Canada', you need to be specific which for each item. :) As a seller you should also be able to guarantee that the item will be delivered to the buyer within 30 days of the end of the listing.

Here is eBay's guide on dropshipping -

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Have a read on guides to help you have the edge in your dropshipping business -

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SaleHoo also has a dropship handbook for members, to download please go to Link hidden: Login to view

And if you need help locating suitable dropshippers please feel free to let us know.

All the best! :)



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