Dropshipping fee - Is it reasonable to pay dropshippers for selling their products?

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2 Jun 11 07:11:49 pm
The last step to becoming a valuable member of Gotobaby's Wholesale Drop Ship Program is the $50 deposit we require of each applicant to open their account.
Okay this would be okay to me if I was making money, but my money seems to be going back to PayPal.

I am looking for ones that don't charge a fee, for resell program or they want you to buy up to $100.00 minimum.

Sorry but that is crazy to a small time ebay store person like me.

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2 Jun 11 11:20:24 pm
Hi breezy808,

Some of the drop shippers in our directory do charge small account set-up fees. While by no means ideal, a small account set-up fee is fairly common practice among drop shippers. In most cases we can understand the charge because it costs the drop shipper time and money to process a new account.

That said, not all drop shippers in SaleHoo charge a fee.

Any particular product you are interested in? we'd love to help you locate suitable dropshippers.

Talk to you soon!


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3 Jun 11 12:55:35 am
Hi breezy808,

Here are some suppliers that can drop ship at no extra cost -

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Cheers :)


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5 Jun 11 08:32:37 pm
Hi breezy,

It's not really about being charged to open a new account, it's about what sort of value for money you are getting from that new account.

For example, if a supplier charges an account service fee, but has cheaper products than one that doesn't charge the fee, then of course the fee may well be worth it. If you can't see any value in paying the fee against other suppliers, then the choice is there for you to saver the fee.

Just remember, when looking at what value paying an account fee provides you, don't just consider the price of the products. Reliability and good customer service also have value.

Mark (fudjj)

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