Dropshipping For Australia

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30 Dec 07 07:46:01 am
I am personally at my wits end here I spent all weekend looking for a decent dropshipper of electronic and gaming stock in australia but to no avail.

If I chose to import the costs would be huge and I would basically lose money than make any. I cannot afforf to buy in bulk at the moment thus why I need to dropship till I have enough equity to buy in bulk and hopefully be able to store the stock in a australian warehouse if at all possible.

The question I need answered is basically even though I am based and reside in australia can i choose to dropship from a US or China Locale and only sell to the US such as ebay in the US and not sell to australia unless they wish to pay the exorborate amount to ship the items.

I either can do this or may have to move on and get a refund from salehoo as it does not seem very user freindly for australians seems we are at the butt end of the world.

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6 Jan 08 03:44:41 am
Just by what you've said there, I don't think you have been doing enough reserach.

I'm in Aus, and im making a good profits.

I think firstly what you should do is to not assume electronics have the best profit, because they don't. That market is flooded with people usually selling at below wholesale price.

I am trying to get some people on board with my new wholesale program on my website (below in my sig), please check it out, and contact me if you have any questions.

Don't give up!!

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11 Jan 08 09:34:16 am
Hi,stuart32,you should be persistent!We have many customers from your country,some buy for themself,while some dropship,and some customers from other countries dropship to your country!I think it should be profitable!


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