Dropshipping from America to Australia

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12 Feb 12 10:34:59 pm

I have been contacted by what looks like a really good toy supplier that dropships from America.

Is it possible to be able to do this with the shipping costs, and whatever other costs are involved?

I would really appreciate some advise on this


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12 Feb 12 11:08:36 pm
Hi Leanne,

In regards to being cost competitive on shipping, that will come down to what your Drop Shipper is charging really. That said, with the Aussie dollar trading out of it's skin and sitting somewhere around $1.07 US currently, I would suggest that there has rarely been a better time to be using US suppliers for Australian sellers.

Now if you are Drop Shipping to an Australian market, then the strong Aussie dollar should make shipping on your items from the US look like a pretty good deal to your customers, but again, that will all come down to what the supplier is charging for that shipping.


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12 Feb 12 11:51:45 pm
Could not have said it any better than Marc!

With the strength of the Aussie dollar your definitely on the advantage. You might want to start trying out just a few items first and see how your targeted market will take it.

Also, just to be sure since we do not know if this dropshipper is part of our directory or not, you might want to check out your droopshipper a bit further just to check that they are legit and reliable.

All the best :)


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