Dropshipping from China - Vat and tax charges?

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22 Apr 07 10:15:50 am
Hello to all at salehoo.
I am planing to start dropshipping with mkenteprise using eBay and other means of marketing but there is just one very important question that I have and I hope someone could help me so I can get started.What I would like to ask if any of you know and already do dropshipping and could advice me.As most of you probably all know that MKenteprise company is in China so if I sell their products in UK would the buyers have to pay vat and tax. and do you make the buyers aware when they buy that they may have to pay vat and tax or how you dealing with it,if the buyer think that the product that is buying is in UK from uk seller and then gets a tax bill it sure will complain and to many complains and negative feedback is not good to do business.
Many thanks in advance for your replys.

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1 May 07 12:01:42 pm

When you sell on ebay for example just state that the package is being sent from outside of the UK and therefore may include customs charges when it reaches the UK.....but with MKenterprise you can choose how you want the package to be marked i.e. you can mark the package as a gift and lower the price of what the package is worth so this may lower or eliminate the customs charges. As long as you state that it is being sent from outside of the UK the customer cannot complain.

Hope this helps.



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