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28 Oct 12 06:35:56 am
Hi all, I'm yet another newbie to salehoo.

I live in australia, and have been researching items to dropship here in australia, but unfortunatly am struggling to find local manufacturers/wholesalers to be able to do that successfully. When I look for overseas products, the shipping fees are horrendous making it virtually impossible to sell on ebay australia. Is it possible (and more important, legal) for me to dropship items from america, (or anywhere else for that matter) to america or other countries on their respective ebay sites, even though I'm based in Australia.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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29 Oct 12 02:11:31 am
Hello and welcome Jeff :)

Yes it is legal and many sellers are doing it this way. They sell and source (dropshippers) from a country other than theirs. eBay international would be a good place to start.

All the best!


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