Dropshipping With MK Enterprises

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31 Jan 07 08:39:44 am
Can anyone kindly advice me on dealing with MK Enterprises from Hong Kong. There only method of receiving payment is by bank transfer. My bank charges $50 per transfer regardless or the amount you are sending. I advised MK Enterprises that this transaction fee does not allow any profits. I suggested paypal to them but they declined the payment option.

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31 Jan 07 12:59:48 pm
Sounds like you need a new bank to do transfers from. They wont do paypal because the prices that paypal charges for payment being sent. If you paid them by paypal for a 600 dollar item. Then they get charged 30 bucks for the payment processing from paypal. Its convenient for you but not for them.

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4 Feb 07 06:58:20 pm
I Considered buying an XBOX 360 from this company. The price was really good, until I found shipping it was like 91 dollars. There is not much profit to be made with shipping cost like that. And to my knowledge they offer no other methods of shipping. I guess due to the fact that they are international. But, once again good prices, but in the long run you will not make a profit. Good to use if you wanna buy products for personal use. But, that's it.


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