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14 Oct 09 04:11:45 am
Hi Everyone,

My name is Shane from Australia and I'm very new to all of this! I'm a teacher and am on 2 weeks holidays at the moment.

Last week I decided to open an eBay shop and try to make a go of selling online. I have trawled the net for days and days trying to find good products that I can sell here in Australia but have found it so difficult! So far I have only used DHgate, what do people think of them?? I've managed to make about $150 profit for the 10 days, which to me doesn't seem much compared to the time and effort I've put in! But I'm going to stick with it as I really want to succeed! My problem is finding good quality products in Ausrtralia that aren't fakes. Everything on DHgate seems to be fake. I ordered a DVD box set there and was assured it was real, only to have them tell me 2 days later that it was a high grade copy! I'm just wondering if anyone can help me or point me in the direction of companies where I can dropship DVD's and games consoles and things like that? The problem in Oz is that we can't play Region 1 dvd's, only region 4, and our X-box 360's and Wii's aren't compatible with the American ones!

Please help I'm lost!

Thanks :)


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14 Oct 09 04:32:14 am
Gid'day Shane. I am in the same boat. Not so easy in Oz thats for sure but i have found one of the best ways to get going is to actually talk to the website owners. Explain what you want and don't want. Make them aware of the opportunities and sell them on supporting your venture.

Times are tough mate, everyone wants new business so design a set letter (saves you typing the same thing over and over) and send it out, see what you get back.

You are faceless at present to the suppliers, you need to change that and create a relationship with them. It works for me, try it. Costs you nothing but a few emails and couple of phone calls. Buy a phone card, my wife uses one to call the states, they're as cheap as chips and last forever

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14 Oct 09 10:36:15 am
Hi Shane, and welcome to the wonderful world of online sales, and of course to SaleHoo : )

Ozgunner has given you some pretty solid advice there, but regarding DH Gate, yes.....a stack of fakes. The safest thing to chase when dealing with any Chinese supplier is off branded items, stay well clear of anything with a brand.

DVD boxsets are unfortunately almost all bootlegs, I suspect they all are, but I'll just say almost as I'm not 100% sure at this point lol.

If you are wanting to sell the type of stock you are talking about, look toward the UK and Europe inn general for suppliers, the UK nd most areas throughout Europe are PAL, and will work on Australian and NZ consoles.

Good luck with it : )

Mark (fudjj)

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