Ease and Profitability When Dropshipping on eBay and Amazon

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11 Oct 14 07:18:23 pm
I probably will get banned for saying hi especially as it is my first time on this website.

My name is Ron and I literally have just joined, and I am extremely bewildered by all the information contained on this site.

Is drop shipping on Ebay and Amazon as easy and as profitable as people suggest or have I just wasted more money?

I chose this site after a lot of reading and researching and everywhere I looked they spoke favourably about this site and especially this forum.

I am starting to read through the training courses and articles so I hope that will help me.
I suspect that this question has been asked a million times or more :-)

So thank you for your patience

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11 Oct 14 09:09:00 pm
Hi Ron and welcome to the forum,

A few things can get you banned here, but saying hello is pretty safe lol.

To answer your question or at least attempt to answer it. I don't want to burst any bubble, but dropshipping certainly isn't easy at all on platforms like eBay or Amazon. Dropshipping offers advantages over a supply resource like wholesale, for example no storage space required and no large cash outlay required to purchase stock, however when you are talking about price (and competitive price plays a MAJOR role on sites such as eBay and Amazon) dropshipping can't compete with a supply resource like wholesale.

Of course when you are purchasing stock in bulk, you are getting a much better per unit price than you can get when purchasing a single item (dropshipping), so the you are faced with finding products that aren't dominated by wholesale sellers to try and get a foot hold and of course that discounts all of the biggest selling markets on these types of sites because the markets there are super competitive and full of wholesale sellers selling on very thin margins to gain market-share.

So, is it easy .... NO, I certainly don't think it's easy and I doubt you would find many who would disagree with me.

Is it possible, YES, more than possible, but you have to be prepared to put in the hard yards, learn the market and stick with it. That's where I think SaleHoo provides the most value. Many thing it's about just finding a supplier, but that's usually the easier part of the process. Being bewildered is a natural reaction to someone new into the market, but the information contained on this site, both in our educational guides and in the advice found throughout the forum as well gives you the tools to give yourself the very best chance.

Mark (fudjj)

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