Electronics Suppliers - Where's the competitive pricing?

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30 Mar 11 06:11:14 pm
I would love to know where those suppliers who sell
Ebay, Amazon.com, brazilian site eBay. so far the prices I found the atravez Salehoo are higher than those sold in the site mentioned. I know that is not always the price that determines sales but what I found here since I joined this to get away suscesso.
Pesso to your help please. My vested interest is in electronics, cell phones, the desktop component fonecedores found that this does not solve ..

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30 Mar 11 10:21:33 pm
Hi matos,

Like you many want to sell electronic products too because they think that electronics is a highly profitable market which simply isn't true. Electronics is one of the most competitive markets online. Oftentimes, the margins are very low and to make things worse eBay has tightened the margins even further. In case you haven't noticed, many wholesalers sell on eBay directly to the public - Making the marketplace extremely competitive. That is why you can find products selling at prices the same as or lower than wholesalers.

So are these sellers making money? Many of them don't, as a result many of them are not able to stay in business for long. For those who have survived and are still thriving, they use some very canny sourcing and marketing tricks to do so.

The point is, the number of sellers present in the electronics market is deceiving. It's much more difficult to make money in this market than it appears. We don't wish to discourage you completely, but a lot of people find electronics much tougher than they thought, and we think it's only fair that we warn you! There are plenty of other excellent items to sell online that return higher margins and we are happy to give you some suggestions if you need them.

If you do wish to stick with the electronics industry, here are a few things you can do -

* Use liquidation suppliers to get bulk lots at prices well below wholesale.
or purchase from wholesalers in very large quantities (and when we say very large, we mean a spend of $200,000 or more) - this is how the big eBay powersellers do it. As you see dropshipping is definitely not the best option if you want to stay competitive.
* Increase your feedback and get powerseller status BEFORE entering the electronics market. This will give you more visibility in the search.
* Sell via your own website or your eBay store if possible, as buyers generally pay more from these venues than eBay.
* Add third-party extras and up-sells to your orders. These will help you bump up your margins to a much more acceptable level.
* Better still - consider selling accessories for electronics rather than electronics themselves. Accessories are very popular, have less competition, cost less to ship and have much greater margins.

These days, you have to be very cunning to stay competitive with other sellers on eBay and online in general.

Sing out if you have any other questions and we’ll be glad to help =)


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3 May 11 02:16:31 pm
Well done! I am available to receive your suggestions for items with good profit margins. Please await your response.

Thank you.
Wesley Matos

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4 May 11 04:45:18 am
Hi Wesley,

This advice was provided in a related thread about electronics accessories Link hidden: Login to view

You can use eBay pulse to drill down to Electronics subcategories and see what accessories are most popular:

Link hidden: Login to view

Amazon also keep a list of best selling electronics accessories:

Link hidden: Login to view

You can also read store catalogs or contact some electronics suppliers and ask them what their best sellers are.

Hope this helps. :)



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