Emailled potential dropshipper but no answer. What do i do?

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31 Dec 09 10:51:25 am
i have found some potential suppliers who i would want to drop ship with. I have emailed all of them expressing my intention but i have not heard from any of them yet. So what do i do now? do i go on sell the products on my site and ebay or forget about them and find new ones or wait until they email me before i start selling the products.
pls i need help as i am newbie.

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1 Jan 10 01:15:39 pm
Hi Emadabs,

May I ask when you tried to contact these suppliers? Please note that like all businesses, suppliers do close at night and during the weekends and holidays. Most suppliers operate 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Have you tried contacting them by phone? Aside from the fact that they might be closed for the holidays, some suppliers often have a backlog of support emails which would result to delays in replying to customer queries. In this case, phone would be a more effective way of getting through to them.

We suggest that you try this and let us know how you get on.


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1 Jan 10 07:30:32 pm
I contacted the last batch of them on the 27th of this month.
You might be right Haydee.
Perhaps it might be due to the holidays. But i actually wanted to take advantage of the holidays and start some sale though.
Anyway, i actually contacted one by phone and i actually got through to them.
i think i must allow a week or 2 pass again and contact them again or try contacting them on phone after the holiday breaks and see how things go.
thanks very much for your quick response Haydee.

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1 Jan 10 09:10:17 pm
I can answer from a supplier point of view.
We dont chase dropship inquiries as most people
making the inquiry do not want to buy any merchandise
and generally want us to teach them the business from a to z
all for them to make one sale on ebay or website....
Not trying to mean but I am sure most vendors simply
do not chase these inquires ase 99 percent are fruitless in a business sense.... The person that always gets my attention
and support is the guy that buys a good size order out the gate
and then after that we can explore dropshipping once we see
he or she can actually make some worthwhile sales to cover
the support and cost of holding hands with a reseller..... thats my take!

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