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Wholesale & eBay Forum Drop Shippers & Drop Shipping Has anyone used Simplx as their dropshipper before?


Has anyone used Simplx as their dropshipper before?

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24 Feb 07 07:02:51 pm
Hello my name is Dave and im just getting started here and was just wandering if any one has used b4 as their dropshipper before. And if so are they any good. Thank you.

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25 Feb 07 06:24:27 pm
hi dave i was looking at them a few weeks back.make sure you read the fine print.if im not mistaken you need at least $3500 to join.if thats not a worry they do keep following up on telephone calls.and apparently give excellent training.

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17 Mar 07 03:46:24 am
I just signed up with simplx and the start up cost was $500.00. However, there is an option wih a $3500.oo fee. The good thing is there is no minimum committment to keep the relationship if it is not working for you.

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17 Mar 07 10:24:04 am
how are their wholesale prices?

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30 Mar 07 12:22:59 pm
I just typed it into google looking for it and the first thing it came up under was scam info.

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31 Mar 07 08:12:14 pm
Legitimate wholesale source, but mostly for real retail stores.

The reason the startup cost is $3500 is they want real retail stores to join, then they can buy everything from them at wholesale and sell it, especially their large TVs, to everybody else.

That's why they do it. They want their products sold everywhere and in every store, this is not a wholesale source for the startups or custom stores.

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31 Mar 07 10:24:41 pm
Simplx is not a droppshipper! They give you a list of retailers to sell for then give you a rebate . Thier basic service is over @$350.00 to join and then $39.99 per month. I made the mistake of joining because they dont give any information untill you do. I RECOMMEND STAYING AWAY FROM THEM.

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30 Apr 07 06:09:34 am
I agree, I did the same thing. They don't give you any information really, the info you do get is a bit misleading until you fully understand whats going on when you see it. You end up with a 2-8% rebate off retail. Which is a total waste of time.

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7 May 07 04:09:17 am
I agree with the other people stay away from Simplx. They charge a fortune, give limited training, and use regular stores that anyone else can go to. I wish I have read others replies a year ago.

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21 Jul 07 05:57:45 am
What they do is refer you to regular retail establishments and ofer a % back each month. The way they make their money is through the affiliiate commissions paid by the stores to them. So they gougw you for huge up front fees then make money on a % of the affiliate comm. they get from the stores. Sort of like a rip-off big crumbs or hwatever you call that site.

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30 Jul 07 12:51:55 am
I have just sent off an application to Simplx. I am so glad that I entered into this forum. I am new to dropshipping and it sounded like a great deal for both parties. But now that I see they charge a steep fee, I am steering clear of them. Any one that charges a steep fee to sell their products can't be too legit. Sounds like to me that they are making their money up front so this is no guarantee to me that we as sellers would make any money.

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1 Oct 07 08:40:00 pm
STAY AWAY FROM SIMPLX.There is no wholesales prices !! what they do is just showing those online retails store and similar to what you buy anything online.They was trying to get me in one of their package. but the first thing i asked for was,if they could give some sites that they refer me too.Once their customer sent those site to my email.I was like.... they are ripping you off !Ask them to show some sites that they will giving you wholesales price.

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16 Dec 08 01:43:00 am
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