High hopes that I'd be able to dropship :(

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8 Oct 07 03:42:43 am
Well, I am new and had high hopes that I would be able to dropship .After reading the posts on this forum.It dosen't sound good. I really didn't want to by wholesale and stock and ship product. Their prices don't look good. So, who knows. Is anyone making a living out there with their e-stores. :?

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15 Oct 07 04:44:10 pm
Hi :0)

I am new too, and in the process of building an online store. It depends on what products you want to sell in your store, and how high the demand is. Don't get discouraged, keep your head up. Building a successful online business takes a while. I am still working a full time job, build my online business on the side with the goal to make a living of it within the next 2 years.
Find some products you like to sell, ask your friends what they usually like to buy online, get some fliers out in your neighborhood. Advertise your store online, there are many ways to do it without spending a lot of money.

Hope this helps a little :0)

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28 Dec 07 04:00:32 pm
We are still in the process of designing my website and I (Carla) am attending college classes too. My (Carla's) schedule is rather busy. Depending on where you live (USA only) I would find a mentor and meet with a SCORE counselor (Link hidden: Login to view). Score counselors are retired business owners who donate their time to give you FREE business advice. There is no charge for this service and they are willing to help you!

Yesterday, we took our plan to a business counselor and he said we were the most prepared business people he had walking through the door. We had a portfolio set up with our goals and plans for the next year.

The counselor gave us his business card and told us to call him at anytime, even at his residence. Not all counselors do that, but he believed in what we are selling and our business plan.

If you are doing business with a drop shipper I would suggest you research their information on the Better Business Bureau for American companies. Maybe Salehoo can provide you information on what other countries use that is similar to the Better Business Bureau.

Sometimes it is hard not to get discouraged, but do not give up, it takes TIME!


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28 Dec 07 04:27:28 pm
Never give up is the first key. We use a combination of drop shippers and wholesalers to supply our online store and eBay business. There are still some good drop shippers out there. I have also found that some of my wholesale suppliers will drop ship for me as well but they do not advertise it. It want hurt to ask a supplier if they would dropship if this is the method you prefer. The worst they could tell you is no. I still ship some of my own product but having someone else do it for you is so much easier! We are eBay Powersellers and just started our new online store about 2 months ago. The new store has started off slow but is starting to produce some sales for us. The main key is to advertise everywhere and anywhere you can! Keep your head up and don't get discouraged. One day it will all pay off.


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