How do I get started in dropshipping?

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10 Feb 07 06:51:30 pm
Hello i just joined today and i do have money to spend if i have to, but i was wanting to start on dropshipping i have tried to click the dropshipping products and they leadme to someplace that dropships and i have to join them or something. i am sure i am missing something and it really isnt as complicated as it seems im sure, but if anyone can help me on how to get started that would be great. Thanks

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10 Feb 07 08:18:39 pm
If your just starting out, use Link hidden: Login to view I am a member and they're good and easy to use. They have anything you can think of. If your looking for clothing, don't use them. They cost $60 a month but don't pay for a full year until your sure you like it. Dropshipping has its downside. I have wrote some bad reviews on doba here in the forum but I'm still a member. Doba is affiliated with ebay so you click one button and your item is listed on ebay, your ebay store, your prostore, it's very easy. If you would like to see some of the items I have listed from doba, go to my site at Link hidden: Login to view. Everything is from doba except for the swimming pool, billiards, and clothing. I have wholesale clothing lots for sale starting auction price 99 cents you could buy sell item 1 by1 and make some money to start out. I am also getting ready to list some of my dvd's in large lots.

Some tips I've learned along the way

(1) Don't start out selling electronics. You will not find ps3's, psp's, xbox's, ipod's for cheap enough to sell on ebay unless you can buy 100 or 200 at a time.
(2) Try to sell items $80 or less
(3) Popular items, everyone else is selling for cheaper than you can (they buy in bulk)
(4) When you start selling on ebay, you will get emails from China companies with ps3's, psp's, ipod's, etc. for cheap, they're scams. They will contact you in ask seller a question.
(5) You will only make about $3-10 a sale.
(6) Don't limit youself to ebay, there are free auction sites and free webstore sites (Link hidden: Login to view auction) (Link hidden: Login to view store) still sell on ebay but sell other places also.
(7) Try buying cheap items in bulk Link hidden: Login to view
(8) Read the forums they are most helpful salehoo and other places Link hidden: Login to view
(9) You can find good wholesalers here in the forum
(10) Don't forget you can buy wholesale on ebay.
(11) Watch out for bootleg dvd's from China.

OK that should get you started in the right direction.
Back to listing more items
ps(12) This is alot more time and work than you think.

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14 Feb 07 01:03:15 pm
hi, haus
how is your business at ebay?


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