How to find "Real" Dropshippers?

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8 Oct 14 05:54:46 pm
Hi Guys and Gals and thanks for being here.

I have been with you for quite a while and just recently started looking for new dropshippers again. What I call true dropshippers. No minimums, no monthly fees, no shipping fees, great reputation, product on hand 90% of the time, fast shipout etc., etc., I used to see more of those dropshippers. Are they really gone? Even in your search, the option for no minimum only says less than $100.

May I respectfully remind you that true/legitimate dropshippers have the same criteria as stated above. I know times are hard and maybe some dropshippers now feel they have to add on dropship fees, minimums, monthly fees, yearly fees etc., etc., I just wish if you have the kind of dropshippers I am looking for, that they would be easier to find. One can spend quite a lot going thru trying to find them.

At any rate, I appreciate you and the work you do.

BTW, I was looking for dropshippers for handbags, jewelry and womens shoes.

Thanks so much!

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8 Oct 14 11:36:43 pm
Hi Leah,

In essence, a dropshipper is a supplier who will sell on a per item basis and ship direct to your customer without sharing their own contact information. From there, then you will find a different suppliers add their own criteria to that, including account fees, membership fees and so on. A ot do charge fees of some kind now, it's certainly becoming more popular for them to do that across the board.

That in itself shouldn't be a problem, because you really need to balance what sort of value they are providing across the board. For example, if they charge an account fee, are their prices cheaper than someone who doesn't charge the same fee, do they offer VIP rewards to their agents for X amount of sales and so on.

You have to look at the complete picture to really assess if a supplier is providing you value for what they are asking for to open an account with them.

In regards to refining our search engine, it's something we are always looking at how we can do to make it more efficient for members. So what you can do is hit the little red feedback button (far right of screen as you look at it) and put your search engine ideas there. That will go direct to our development team for consideration for the next round of upcoming site mods.


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