How to Get Your Sale Funds to Your Dropshipper the Same Day

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5 Oct 15 08:45:35 pm
In my quest to start an e-commerce website, I have come across a problem that I need a solution for: How to get the money from an online sale to the dropshipper the same day, so they may ship the product to the customer. Typically, once a customer pays for an item, it takes up to 3 days for me to access the money before I can pay the dropshipper to fill the order. This would cause a 3 day delay before the order even gets to the dropshipper for processing. How can I implement a solution to get the money to them the same day without having to pay out of pocket first?

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5 Oct 15 09:42:41 pm
Hi David,

Short of using your own cash flow to speed up the payment process, I can't see any way of doing it, short of having the customer paying directly into the dropshippers account themselves. Of course that's not a serious option lol.

EFT would be an option, funds available on deposit, but you will struggle to convince customers to use a payment method that offers them no protection whatsoever. Maybe you could try a two tier approach through your marketing. Offer two payment options, EFT for shipping within X amount of time, PayPal payment for Y amount of time, but even then you are relying on your supplier to do what you are offering ...... that's always a dangerous game offering something you have no control over.

Really, using your own cash up front to get the ball rolling is your only serious option.

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18 Oct 15 02:57:43 pm
The process of paying up front first with your own money to a dropshipper while waiting for an ebay buyer to clear payment is a VERY risky move. There is a majority of ebay buyers who consistently drop out of purchases and you would be left to deal with canceling the order and often times have to pay for cancellation, not to mention the time and numerous processes you have to do and hoops to jump to receive your money back from a dropshipper (especially china dropshippers). all for a possible 3% profit.

If there are REAL experienced dropshippers who have managed to have success with it, please chime in.


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