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14 Nov 16 02:45:40 am
Hi Everyone!

After weeks of research, I finally found my first item to drop ship on Amazon. As I was setting up my listing though, I found myself stumped on how to approach the listing. Amazon is asking me to input the following: product name, manufacture, brand name, manufacturer part number, and product ID, with an asterisk next to product name* and product ID* only. Also, the product ID has 5 subcategories (ASIN, EAN, GCID, GTIN, and UPC).

My question is this... Do I need to put the name of the actual manufacture or can I use my business name as a brand? Also, am I allowed to ignore the categories without an asterisks on them, or will it hurt my listing somehow if I do this? Lastly, what is the purpose of listing a product identification code if I don't plan on amazon storing my inventory for me?

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25 Nov 16 04:32:12 am
Hi Jon,

In as much as I want to help you, unfortunately, I am not in the position to confirm any of Amazon's Listing Creation and Policies.

We do however offer free training guides about Selling on Amazon. Please feel free to check them out here: Link hidden: Login to view

As to your question, I suggest that you contact Amazon's support team directly as they are trained to help you with your concerns related to their site. You can reach them via Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps a bit :)


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