How to Start Dropshipping

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21 Jun 16 05:29:50 pm

I am a new comer and do not have any idea about drop shipping. I just recently e-mailed one of my supplier and I am still waiting for them to process my application.

I would love to start selling now to test the water. I have a store in Etsy. How do I start selling there and how soon?

Thank you so much.


May Quinto

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21 Jun 16 08:07:52 pm
Hi May and welcome to the forum,

All you need is your supplier/s set up to start dropshipping, so once you have your account/s activated you'll be ready to start listing.


Mark (fudjj)

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21 Jun 16 11:46:22 pm
Hi May!

Etsy is a nice place. My friend bought a nice collectible once and since then, she'd been searching and rubbing etsy non-stop. lol. I think you can start selling there rightaway. I also think that they require a small fee of 0.20 USD for listing. But you can check out their sellers handbook which is available somewhere on the site.

Good luck girl (meow)!

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23 Nov 16 12:15:49 am
Hi May,

Etsy, as with most e-Commerce platform, has the usual steps in creating an account and listing so it should be pretty straightforward to do. However, let me give you important points to consider when selling on Etsy or online, in general.

Photos - Always take good quality photos; well-lit and clear; show the details of your products

Description - Do not simply describe the product. Inject a bit of connection on your words so when buyers read it, they can envision something to associate with the product. It is also important to put on necessary details such as availability and variations.

SEO Knowledge - What good is there if you have the perfect listing but nobody sees it, right? SEO knowledge is essential so you can optimize ranking of your listing. You can read a few articles below or learn more about it on the Link hidden: Login to view.

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I know I'm a few months late on the reply but I hope you can use these tips to make better listings. ;)

Happy Selling!


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