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I dont know how to understand this market.

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29 Jul 13 11:16:11 pm
So I found this website that offer dropshipping.
Computergallery.com - I registered to their website as a dropshipper. (I didnt set any Company mand since I just wanna sell ón eBay).

But every single item I find is cheaper ón eBay than this website. So how am I suppose to earn ón this?

Sorry if this is a dumba** question. Im kinda new.

Any help Will be appricieted.

Best regards,

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31 Jul 13 12:26:57 am
Hi Mark,

You seem to be trying to put the cart ahead of horse, you're a little back to front in your approach. You can't simply just assume that you can sign up with a Drop Shipper and automatically make money on a site like eBay.

You have to remember that you are trying to sell items in the most competitive online market in the world. You're going up against many other sellers who also Drop Ship, but you are also going up against people who are buying in high volume to get the best possible price, then selling at a very low margin to dominate the market and create a high turn over.

What you really need to do is research your market first. Have an idea of what you want to sell, then research other sellers in the same product genre to see what you are up against.

Even then, it may be a matter of researching many Drop Shippers to see the best possible price you can get.

It's the mots famous word on the forum ... research!

Trust me, research should take up 90% of your time in an online business such as what you are trying to develop. If you're not dedicating that amount of time to it, you will either struggle to succeed or you will fall behind very quickly against your competition who are putting in the 90%

Mark (fudjj)

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1 Aug 13 02:23:14 am
Welcome to SaleHoo, Mark!

Fudjj is right, RESEARCH is the key to success! So even if you don't like you will have to do research :)

And keep in mind that eBay has become an extremely competitive marketplace and it is not uncommon to find products selling at prices the same as or lower than wholesaler.

How can this be? Because lots of wholesalers sell on eBay directly to the public! Unfair yes, but its the reality.

What can you do about it?

* Order in bulk quantities to drive the wholesale price down
* Sell on another auction site other than eBay; there are heaps to choose from and profit margins are usually better. Craigslist is also a good place to sell if you live in the USA. (Let us know if you need more suggestions for places to sell online)
* Buy liquidation: this lets you get product for pennies on the dollar. (I'll let you in on a secret, this is how lots of powersellers make money on eBay these days)
* Find a niche market with few competitors' collectibles and one-off items have amazing profit margins, even on eBay.

These days, you have to be pretty savvy to survive on eBay, so I hope we've given you some ideas.

Sing out if you have any other questions and we'll be glad to help.


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