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25 Nov 14 01:44:50 pm

I am new to drop shipping and I am wondering how you would deal with the concept of displaying the correct import/export duties when selling internationally?

Ebay now has there own global shipping program just like Amazon, and I am wondering if it would cut out the confusion of having the drop shipper send through them instead of one shipping agent?

I wish to make it completely transparent and hassle free.

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26 Nov 14 05:57:37 am
Hello Barry,

The sure fire way to provide the accurate display of import/export rates when selling is to call customs to find out what tariffs will apply. You can either give them a call or search online.

There are always a number of things that affect the duty:
*origin of the goods
*materials used
*manufacturing and trade agreements

If you are importing a large amount (e.g. by the container load), then you will need to employ a Customs Broker and/or Freight Forwarder to take care of your import for you.

Generally, most duty rates fall between 2% and 30%. Items like books usually have very low tariff, while shoes and clothing often attract some of the highest tariffs.

Dropshipping on the other hand is indeed a great way to get out of these customs duties :) Your rates, though will be slightly higher.

This is where you need to decide what is best for you - wholesale or dropship.

Hope this helps!

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26 Nov 14 01:39:58 pm
Hi Rachel,

thank you for your informative and prompt reply. However; my question was more relating to how to display all the fees to each individual country/potential international customer from the drop shippers address, and; does that go into more specifics? Example: "Freight on board" etc.... and do all those individual definitions come into play when it comes to drop shipping?.. or only when you are ordering wholesale stock to your own address?
Whether I am importing wholesale or dropshipping, the customer will still require full transparency on postage charges no?


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