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6 Dec 18 09:09:12 pm
Thank you SaleHoo for the generous continuous support.
I have some misunderstandings & your clarifications would be much appreciated in this manner.

My status: I'm about to launch a Shopify store, in the "Mother & Baby" niche products. I intend to find U.S. based suppliers and through marketing, I'll target U.S. customers.

1) What is the ideal number of suppliers (Dropshippers) whom I will be dealing with?
Should I be dealing with as few as possible to have more concentration on some issues? Or should I be having as many as possible to avoid certain disadvantages like running out-of-stock for a winning product, etc?

2) In my case, as I am a non-U.S. citizen living outside of the U.S., and only dropshipping from U.S. suppliers to U.S. customers with no nexus at all to any state of the United States whatsoever: Whether I incorporated my company in my home country or whether not incorporated, Are there ANY TAXES levied on me?
(Definitely I'll be searching for suppliers who don't require a Reseller Tax ID, just to rest my mind)

3) After contacting a supplier and agreeing on a dropshipping contract, how do I list the products that I had chosen from their catalog onto my Shopify store? Is there any automation app that could facilitate the process Or should I be handling the listings manually, product by product, supplier by supplier, one by one at a time?

Your help is much appreciated as always


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11 Dec 18 05:28:29 pm
Hi Akram,

There's no set or ideal number of dropshippers that you need to follow. You can work with as many dropshippers as you'd like - provided you can manage multiple inventory as well.

For tax concerns, please check: Link hidden: Login to view

Suppliers will provide the product catalog (unless otherwise stated) once they have approved you as a retailer. SaleHoo does not have any automation/ integration tools to third party sites. Check with your supplier if they offer any.


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