iPod Dropshipper Needed

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24 Jan 11 05:26:29 pm
I am new into this type of business, dropshipping, etc, and I have decided to sell ipods, however I cannot find a supplier, the ones come up on the directory their prices are too high, and Im beggining to feel frustrated although is only my first day, do you know of any supplier? Please Help Me!!!

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24 Jan 11 08:33:57 pm
Hi genny1687,

I'm only guessing, but you're probably looking at eBay to compare prices. If so, there are quite a few problems that you are facing with the product you are looking at.

I'll list 3 of them to give you an idea.

1. You are looking at the most competitive online marketplace, competition for sales on eBay can be savage and prices can cut to the bone in an effort to survive, let alone prosper.

2. You're looking at a really popular product. Now it's common for an inexperienced seller to look at selling popular products because they know that there are people waiting to buy. What you need to consider is the amount of competition in selling such items.

The more competition there is selling a product, the harder it can be to survive!

3. Drop Shipped products have their advantages, but they also have their disadvantages. One of those disadvantages is profit margin, typical Drop Shipped products will have thing profit margins.

eBay is full of sellers buying in large wholesale volume, and that gets them large Wholesale volume discounts on their purchase.

So what you are trying to do is sell a super competitive product, into a super competitive marketplace, against super competitive sellers. To add to that, you are wanting to sell against sellers that are buying their products are far less that what you can as a Drop Shipper, because they are investing large amounts of cash on stock to give them a competitive edge!

It's not impossible to make money from Drop Shipping, but you need to invest a lot of time into research to identify a market. Trying to jump on the Hot Sellers list using Drop Shipping as your supply source, well it's simply a recipe for frustration I'm afraid to say.

Mark (fudjj)

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24 Jan 11 09:26:56 pm
Welcome to SaleHoo genny1687 :)

Marc's right about the iPod and about eBay too!

We would usually recommend that you start selling things that you find around your home - old clothes, toys, books, jewelry, shoes, bags and even small appliances. This is one of the best ways to start out for beginners - why? Because (1) you don't need to shell out money, no capital it needed; (2) you get to practice your skills at selling before you actually invest money so your risk factor is relatively low and (3) you get the chance to discover a possible niche product!

I understand that an iPod is a really sought after item but you must consider that there are also just as many (or maybe more) sellers selling them as there are buyers looking for them.

You might want to read this post for your reference -

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25 Jan 11 01:58:58 am
Thanks for the replies; definitly something to think about.

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26 Jan 11 01:47:51 am
Glad to have you here with us genny1687! :)

Don't forget to download and read the SaleHoo New User Manual (#6)
Link hidden: Login to view This manual will guide you on how to get off on the right footing with the suppliers you would like to work with, and more. Then let us know if you need further help. :)

Have a nice day!



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