iPod Wholesaler/Dropshipper in Australia?

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3 Oct 06 01:20:48 pm
Hi i'm trying to find a Australian wholesaler/dropshipper which sells any type of ipod, for wholesale prices. So i can sell them on ebay Any suggestions?

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9 Nov 06 09:24:48 am
You could try Link hidden: Login to view (based in HK) but they do ship using UPS to Australia and also they do dropship as well ;)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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23 Nov 06 03:48:23 pm
Why there aren't so many Australian wholesellers here at Salehoo? It seems not fare for us here at 'down under'.

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3 Dec 06 03:38:53 am
Here here. I have to agree been here a week or so now and everything is basically US.
Maybe us Aussies need to band together and build it up a little. Got a minimal dropship list referred to me but had jack on it or shipping just ridiculous. Dropshippers are obviously out there we just need to find them. Feel free to PM if you want to swap searching stories we might be able to help each other out.

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3 Dec 06 04:39:07 am
Its possibly because the United States has the biggest online community in the world. And more businesses online than any other country. AU dropshippers are out there they are just harder to find. :D

Link hidden: Login to view by SaleHoo

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7 May 08 01:57:11 pm
We need to pay a registration fee of $55 in order to be able to see their pricing for MKenterprice.com . Do you have any idea whats their price range is?


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