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Is it possible to dropship non-physical goods type of products such as insurance, loans, telephone contracts?

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1 Jun 10 03:50:39 pm
Hello everyone,
I'd like to ask a question about a topic that I'm not found on this forum.
I'd like to know if there are opportunities to sell in dropshipping ... services!
Insurance, loans, contracts telephone, etc.. Really, this is not a genuine dropshipping because there is no physical goods, but i'm not speaking of a blog where i put the classic banner that leads the customer to the website of the company sponsors.
I mean the sale of services as contractors on its website of such services, or selling software on download or on-demand movies.

There are companies that do this? You know?

This doubt arises from the attempt to search for e-commerce solutions that do not deal in physical goods (and thus problems of shipping, customs, etc.).

Thanks for your attention and good have a good job!

p.s. sorry my bad English, is google's fault!

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1 Jun 10 08:59:02 pm
What you're talking about is an affiliate brokerage in essence, and I actually personally like the idea, but it would come down to how you marketed it as to how effective it would be I think.

These sites do exist, although for the life of me nothing comes to mind at the moment lol

I like the way you are thinking, you have yourself firmly outside of the box on this one, and I think it would be quite an exciting opportunity to look further into.

Mark (fudjj)

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2 Jun 10 02:33:01 pm
Hello Mark, thanks for your reply.
Without going too far with the mind, thinking about an example of what I asked at the phone for example is Phone House.
Of course not because that sells mobile phones, but for the fact that you can sign contracts, and then the service.
Perhaps what I should do is go through all the web sites of insurance companies and finance and bring to their agent online... For example...

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