Just getting started... need advice on dropshipping

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28 Jul 07 08:23:06 am
Hi everyone, I am just getting started with salehoo, and seeking advice on where to start. I have been using ebay for quite some time, so thats not a problem. I am specifically looking into drop shipping and selling on ebay, from what I've heard thats the best way to start. Any advice at all would be appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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28 Jul 07 08:36:58 am
Hello and welcome to salehoo.

You can find various dropshippers by searching our directory in the dropshippers section Link hidden: Login to view.

But if your trying to sell on ebay you should know that the most profits come from bulk purchases and liquidations. You can get into the liquidation market for as little as a $200 investment all the way up to spending hundreds of thousands on liquidated merchandise.

You can find listings of our liquidators Link hidden: Login to view.

And once again welcome to Salehoo. If you have any questions about a supplier even if its listed in our directory or not you can ask us here in the forums and MySelf or another member will be more then happy to help you. If your question is not answered in 24 hours please feel free to bump the topic on the forums as it may have been overlooked. We do our very best to answer all questions. :D

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3 Aug 07 05:36:16 am
In general drop shipping and eBay don't usually lead to high profits (or any profits in some cases). You just cannot complete with companies that are buying in bulk.


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16 Dec 08 03:03:47 am
Have a read of this Link hidden: Login to view


Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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