Looking for a Good Dropshipper

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1 Nov 09 04:01:05 am
Hi everyone,
I am just starting out and looking for a good dropshipper. The only problem is that I've noticed the market is saturated with alot of thre same items and I need to find a dropshipper who's prices are low enough so I can make some money. I really could use some help if anyone has any ideas.

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3 Nov 09 02:20:29 pm
Hi 3girlsstuff,

May I ask what products you are interested in selling so we can look for a good dropshipper for you? That's one disadvantage of dropshipping aside from the fact that the profit margin is not as good as when you buy wholesale. If you find a good niche market, then, I believe that it is possible to succeed with dropshipping.

I'd suggest selling stuff from around the house to start. This is a good way of finding a good niche market. By selling stuff from home, you will know what products sell well and quick and with a high end bid (if you're selling on eBay). Not to mention the experience that you will get is priceless.

If you're selling on eBay, you can use eBay’s completed listings to find products with high success rates.

When you’ve found a product that sells well, you need to note the average selling price. This is important as the wholesale price needs to be at least 20% lower than the retail price in order for you to make money.

If you click on the 'Education' tab on any SaleHoo page, you will find links to excellent articles with tips on dropshipping, finding a good dropshipper, etc.



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