Looking for a reliable dropshipper for selling goods on eBay

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26 Oct 08 07:48:33 pm
Hi , I am looking and searching for a good drop shipper to sell item on ebay and get good profits. I would like to know if anyone can help me with this?
List of good drop shipper that can be sell on ebay and get profit.
Thank you!

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26 Oct 08 09:34:24 pm
Ok, I'm going to suggest looking for Chicken's teeth, cause you are going to have a better chance of finding them that a drop shipper who you can make good profits from on ebay in my opinion.

It's hard enough to find a drop shipper where you don't actually loose money after paying your listing fees, let alone find one where you can make a good profit!

Best thing to do is to let members know what sort of products that you are going to try and sell, and then maybe someone can point you in the direction of a half decent provider.

Mark (fudjj)

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15 Dec 08 12:54:26 am
What products are you looking to sell? Then we will be able to narrow down your search more.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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15 Dec 08 01:13:28 am
I don't understand these requests for many reasons. Do you actually think creating a post on this forum is going to give you a good dropshipper which you can profit from on eBay.

I have never seen anyone give away a half decent supplier, infact you would probably find that the Powersellers on eBay wouldn't sell their suppliers at any price.

You havn't selected a product or asked for anything specific. 'I want to sell an item that makes profit' - you and the rest of the world I am afraid.

Even if the salehoo staff narrow down the search it won't make any difference because you will end up dissapointed. A lot is said about the suppliers on Salehoo but the site costs $67, I don't blame them for not giving away anything that great. You get what you pay for.

You need to go back the drawing board, and have a small re-think...


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