Looking for Dropshippers for New Zealand

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9 Aug 08 06:46:39 am
Does anyone know of any dropshippers in New Zealand. I can only find 3 on the entire SaleHoo database. Or maybe in Australia? I am looking for any dropshippers that do not charge you an arm and a leg for shipping to New Zealand.

I often find great looking dropshipping sites that has wonderful products and prices but when you find out what they charge for shipping it sinks my boat!!

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9 Aug 08 09:13:41 am
I h[color=#000000][/color]ave the same problem. I am looking for NZ companies that will dropship, so the problem of customs duty etc can be avoided. I only want to sell in the country i can source product from. Currently selling in Aus using this principle.
What 3 do you have? I have a couple, so we could cross reference, and possibly get more.

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4 Nov 08 06:49:01 am

Hi ,

Im also interested in dropshipping in New Zealand and wondered if you had any luck in finding anything successful.


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12 Nov 08 12:04:41 am
Hi guys

I am also from NZ and am new to this. I am not trying to make that much just some cash to help me and my family. Would you guys manage to help with what to sell here and how to dropship it?

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15 Dec 08 12:42:26 am
Here are some links to dropshippers that are based in Australia and who send internationally.

Link hidden: Login to view (Sellers of Ugg Boots)
Link hidden: Login to view (Sellers of clothing for children and teens)

I hope these help. Remember, if you aren't able to find a suitable dropshippers locally that many do dropship internationally at reasonable prices. You just have to shop around.

Good luck :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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2 Jul 11 08:31:20 am
I know drop shipping companies here in New Zealand if your interested I know the importer for all the chinese clothing, Toys an cook wear remote control toys, mini quad bikes, pit bikes, furniture and beds, computer equipment and so on and also importers from india

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14 Feb 19 02:42:55 am
Do you know any that dropships baby cots and bassinets?


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