Looking for dropshippers in Spain for clothing accessories

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22 Dec 12 01:49:25 pm
Hello my name is Albert. I'm a new member in SaleHoo. I want to start my business of selling online with dropshipping method because I think it is a good way to get started in this world. I am researching niche markets and I have some ideas such as clothing accessories (ties, scarves, hats, bags, scarves, umbrellas, gloves, jewelry, etc.) What do you think? I live in Spain but would like to sell to everyone. I need help finding suppliers.

Thank you.

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24 Dec 12 02:00:18 am
Hello and welcome to SaleHoo, caxashop :)

Nice to have you in our community!

Research is the key and for me a great way to start. Have you tried using our very own Link hidden: Login to view? If you haven't you might want to check if the products you are planning on selling are truly viable and profitable.

Here are a posts with dropshippers recommendations of the products are looking for -

ties: Link hidden: Login to view

jewelry: Link hidden: Login to view

hats: Link hidden: Login to view

bags: Link hidden: Login to view

umbrella: Link hidden: Login to view

gloves: Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps you off to a good start!

Merry Christmas :)


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2 Jan 13 09:17:12 am

Entering a new arena without any contextual knowledge can often lead to expensive errors. Fundamental to success, then, is a comprehensive analysis and research of your intended market.

Naturally, you need to think about people. You need to think about places. You need to contextualise your product or service socioeconomically. Who will be buying your product?

To improve the chances of overseas success, you need to consider a few key issues. Sales presence, for instance, should be a top priority. Will you sell directly? Will you trade over the internet? Perhaps trade shows are more suitable? Could you benefit from a local partner who knows the market? Here are a few fundamental choices:

• Get yourself a distributor who can sell on a local or national level

• Sales agents can either sell a product for you, or alternatively acquaint you with potential clients or customers

• Joint ventures with local companies have gained in popularity, primarily because of their knowledge and established presence in the market. It is often a pricey option, however

• Of course, you can also set up your own office, ensuring maximum control on all operations. This is obviously the most expensive of all your options

As for the things that you could sell, here are my suggestions:

Leather Shoes, Belts, Bags and Accessories - Spain was always known for its good quality leather. In the 21st century this hasn't changed, with Spain boasting some of the best quality leather shoes, belts and accessories in Europe.

Baby Clothes - Absolutely gorgeous, handmade clothing is available all over the city, in lovely European-chic styles.

Costume Jewelry - chunky bracelets, silver earrings, wooden hand-carved bangles, strands of beads, funky rings and even delicate ankle chains.

Hope this helps!

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