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Looking for Electronics Dropshippers

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17 May 06 05:36:51 pm
I am just starting my online business; however I haven't found any direct drop shipper yet. I would appreciate if someone of you could help me find an electronic drop-shipper. It would be great to find one electronic dropshipper within the United States; if it is not possible, any drop-shipper would do.

Thank you,
Jose Barreda :D

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26 May 06 01:00:38 pm
Hi, see Link hidden: Login to view.

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26 May 06 03:10:07 pm
Using a dropshipper for electronics isn't the smartest idea. As I posted in another topic, dropshippers charge you more than wholesalers do. And if you're doing auctions, you will never be able to undercut or compete with the competition. And you can't mark your stuff up too much, because no one wants to buy something online and pay shipping charges for something they can go to the local Walmart or Sears and buy for the same or less without the shipping charges.

Good luck finding an electronics dropshipper that will allow you to make some money off the products and still sell some.

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29 May 06 03:24:13 pm
however i know people who dropshipping electronics on amazon.com (al. it is not permitted by amazon policy) and make good income. I've personally never earned more than 10$ on eBay electronics dropshipping...

22 Jul 06 12:38:19 pm
why not check this out: Link hidden: Login to view,
we don't charge fees and we'll try to beat prices you see elsewhere. we have thousands of items for you to choose from, just let us know if you have any questions...

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12 Feb 08 02:50:42 am
Check out MK Enterprise. Here is the link....

Link hidden: Login to view

Salehoo use them regularly and have found them to be a reliable, trustworthy supplier with authentic products. Hope it helps :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view
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12 Feb 08 09:29:31 am
We have had success on eBay with dropshipping electronics. In fact we had one of the best Christmas seasons last year ever! I am not saying you are going to make a huge profit for each item sold. Like the previous poster said, your going to have to keep prices low to stay competitive. I would say that after fees and all I am left with a $5 to $15 profit per item sold. Once again electronics are a low profit item but they sell well. It is very rare that I ever have to re-list them.

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