Looking for sellers in eBay

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17 Apr 09 05:17:52 pm

I am looking for few(3) sellers in eBay to sell items for me.
currently I have a deal with one item;
Logitech Dinovo Mini Keyboard.
part# 920-000594.

you will be paid 10$ flat rate per listing.
I will bare all the expense ( ebay fee's only )

you list at a price I will tell u.
will sell for sure,
provide me the shipping address,
I will ship & provide tracking# .
after item delivered, pay me less ebay fee less 10$ your cut.

let me know, if anyone interested,

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18 Apr 09 03:52:38 am
More info please sounds confusing

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18 Apr 09 07:44:28 am
In the interests of full transparency, why don't you just do your own eBay listings? Have you been banned or disabled by any chance? If so, please disclose full details of why you want somebody else to do your eBay listings.

Difficult I can do right away. Impossible takes a little longer

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7 Jun 09 10:15:12 am
Hi,I also would like more info please

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7 Jun 09 10:45:38 am
I've been watching to see where this thread was going to end up, and it does seem to have gone no where, but if it is to progress I would like to see this member clarify his situation for everyone's benefit.

On the face of it, does seem to ask more questions than provides answers at the moment!

Mark (fudjj)

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7 Jun 09 11:04:13 am
Interesting tread for a popular item. Now a little more info for everyone's sake.


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