Looking for Skull Candy Earphones and tips :(

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25 Mar 11 06:50:26 pm
Hey guys I just bought into SaleHoo last night! Still new at this...

Basically I do not have enough money for wholesale products. I am just looking for some side money for gas...So im trying to get this drop shipping thing going. Any tips? (suppliers?, what to Market and what to sell on ebay?)I have tried looking for Skull candy earphone suppliers but I just cannot find any.

Thank you guys.

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26 Mar 11 10:56:03 am
I know this goes against what you say about buying wholesale, but I have a little lot of Skullcandy headphones (and a few other brands of headphones). I don't even know why I got it, I don't really sell electronic related stuff. So I'm looking to get rid of it....might take a hit on it in the end but oh well. If this peaks your interest send me a PM.

Also, I think dropshipping is one of the toughest routes to take. The profits are extremely small, and in some cases you'll lose money after you take out ebay fees (if you're selling on ebay).

If you don't a few hundred dollars to purchase a lot and you're just looking for a gas money type of deal, I'd recommend that you consider getting into selling other people's stuff on consignment on eBay. I said in a post somewhere else, that's what I do if I'm hard up for cash.

I don't know where you're at, but I'm in Iowa and here's a brief overview of how I pull the consignment thing off.....

Post ads on Craigslist and Facebook. Put up fliers at local businesses (grocery stores and coffee shops, even better colleges). And spread a quick word among family and friends.

I then charge a 30% all inclusive commission (that means I cover all eba and paypal fees, so after that you're really looking at netting about 20% of the sale).

Don't take on items that are valued much below $100....not worth your time and you won't make much.

The more you get the word out about your service the more business you'll get. I don't think it's very difficult to bring in $1000 worth of items a week, so when you add it up, you're going to net about $200 off that. I think it should only take you about 3-7 items to make that.

And also make sure everyone knows why that should use your service, because this is something that they could do themselves. You need to be an expert (or at least appear to be one).

Hope that helps you!

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27 Mar 11 04:37:29 pm

Thanks so much for all you advice. I appreciate it!



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