Making money through dropshipping - is it possible?

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4 Jul 08 02:47:48 am
I am wondering at this point if it's possible to make money with all the competition new fishes get eaten by the sharks. I'd be happy to make 20$ a day dropshipping just something because it seems i'm always losing money what' i'm doing wrong? any powersellers have any advice for the new fishes?

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14 Jul 08 04:29:56 am
Dropshipping is not an impossible thing to do to make money But it is pretty tough to do if your an ebay seller. Ebay is making it ever increasingly hard for new sellers to move into ebay using a dropshipper.

Alot of your seasoned dropshippers are now creating thier own websites and putting their products on these sites. This way you have full control of your sales and you dont have to worry about alot of fees to sell your goods.

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14 Jul 08 03:01:05 pm
Hi all, I am a new member and have been researching and getting ideas on what I want to sell and I am thinking on dropshipping. I have sold lots of my own stuff on ebay but like it said in the previous post, its hard with all the fees to make any money especially with dropshipping. Then I came across ioffer, anyone have any experience with dropshipping on there or do they even let you use dropshipping services with them? I had never even heard of ioffer before and am wondering if it is well known enough to make money? Any ideas or advice would be so helpful! Thanks! :D

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14 Jul 08 03:26:45 pm
Check out this forum discussing iOffer: Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Jul 08 04:06:09 pm
Well, drop shipping, is pretty hard, and risky because, if you have everything pre- ordered for the first time, and it ends up to be a scam, it could destroy your ebay account or sometimes even fakes. However, Some items, might arrive late, you have to expect the risks and dangers, but if you have done business or is friends with this dropper, you shouldnt have a problem.

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16 Jul 08 03:15:39 am
I am just starting out on eBay with dropshipping. I have spent hours going through the lists of suppliers researching products and comparing them with products that would yield me a profit according to eBay's completed listings. I've found a few products that consistently go for a $10-$15 profit but the majority that I have found will only give me a few dollars per sale. At the very least it's a good way to build feedback (if you find a good dropshipper) and it's a good learning experience before moving onto other selling methods that might cost you more money upfront.

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16 Jul 08 10:31:01 pm
Here's a different take on the whole e-commerce scene. Whether you drop ship or purchase stock and sell it online is not the key reason for success. Developing a reputation and expertise in your market niche, I believe, is the key element. In other words, distinguish yourself from the growing number of online entrepreneurs, develop repeat business, continuously communicate with your customers, delight them and you'll make money.

Becoming an expert or source of information is key. If you're not blogging, you should be. If you're not offering your customers free content about using products you sell, you ought to. If you're not up-selling and cross-selling on your site, you're losing sales.

Blogging is one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective ways to establish credibility. A year ago, I started writing a blog called MarketingBeyond on TypePad:

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Since I'm an avid mobile phone geek and have sold on eBay, a lot of my posts are phone reviews--some borrowed from my eBay reviews and guides, some from other blogs I write.

A year later, 60% of my blog traffic is from outside the U.S. and 70% of the hits are about mobile devices and mobile marketing. So....I started writing more blog posts about mobile and wireless on Blogger. Along the way, I started inserting links between MarketingBeyond, the Blogger blogs (Mobile Telephone Marketing and Mobile Telephony Innovations). End result: more hits, higher readership.

It's important when you're writing your blog posts, whether you're an expert in animal care or computers, that you don't try to sell anything in your blog posts. It's o.k. to mention what you do and list your e-commerce site, but readers are looking for information on blogs and if you try a hard sell, you're going to lose them.

Better yet, tease them. Write posts about your niche market or the products you sell. If you're into podcasting--very powerful--do recorded interviews with experts in your niche. Let third party experts educate your customers and prospects about what you sell, whether it's technology products or designer underwear.

You'll be surprised how many people will visit your blog and online site because you're different than everyone else. You put out extra effort to help people--and people like doing business with sellers who care.

For further ideas about blogging and podcasting, Google 'MarketingBeyond.'

Good luck selling online!

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20 Jul 08 03:01:51 am
Thanks everyone for all your comments and advice. You are all so helpful and forthcoming with information. I have learned alot just in the couple weeks I have joined. Thanks again! :D


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