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2 Feb 14 09:44:31 pm
Hi everyone.

I'm new here and looking to start some kind of small online retail store for my wife who is a stay-at-home-mom. Since we're operating our small family of 4 on one income, I figured an online business might be the perfect way to get a bit of a second income going if we do it right!

I've been researching a lot and one question seems to be sticking out in my head, yet I can't get a very clear answer to it. I was hoping someone here would have a little bit of a better idea.

I'm located in Ontario Canada. If I'm selling to customers within Canada, the U.S., and possibly worldwide using a dropshipper in the U.S., how would manufacturer warranties work/be valid, etc.?

For example. I sell a product to a customer in Canada which has been dropshipped from a U.S. supplier. The product carries a 1 year warranty given that it was bought by an "authorized reseller" (like all products in the world!) and say 20 days later the customer runs into a defect with the product. How does the customer go about getting warranty service and how would I as the reseller using a dropshipping supplier be able to assist my customer?

Any thoughts and expertise on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

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2 Feb 14 09:45:06 pm
Additional Info:

Would the customers warranty even be valid, etc.?

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2 Feb 14 11:27:02 pm
Very interesting question Umar, welcome to the forum btw.

I would say it would come down to the actual product and the manufacturer as to how any warranty could be applied. I'm sure their would be some products that would be serviceable through approved agencies in various countries and some that were strictly return to base only. I think this question would be best answered by the actual supplier themselves to be honest.


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