Mophie juice products - dropshippers needed

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3 Jul 13 06:29:53 am
Im looking for Mophiw Juice products, but cant find any in SaleeHoo directory.
Ive also tried to contact Mophie's directly but they answered that in the moment they are not looking to expends there distrubitors.

do you have a ny idea how can I sell their products anway?
Thank s a lot!!!

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4 Jul 13 04:39:22 am
Hello zhshahar,

Sorry to say but I don't think Mophie is available through wholesale much less through dropshipping.

It does say on their site that you can contact them (which you have but was denied for the moment) for reseller accounts. It seems your choice would be to contact one of their authorized distributors or get t he m to approve your reseller account.

Please be careful of the many sites claiming to sell authentic Mophie products, I saw them and most of them are Chinese sites or based in China.

All the best!


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