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Netdropshipper.com - has anyone dealt with them?

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30 Jun 06 07:47:11 pm
I placed an order for Netdropshipper.com. I'd list the products on eBay. But, has anyone dealt with them before??? If so, did you fill out the Authorization Form and provided your driver's license? I hope it was OK, but I put 'Non driver' cause I don't have my license. But made a copy of the State ID along with my credit card for them. Would that still work? I hope so, cause someone has already bought the camera from me on eBay. I keep giving them updates on what's been going on cause they know I'm new at this wholesale site. If anyone can help me out, Id appreciate it -- Thanks SOO much!

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1 Jul 06 04:17:18 am
They have been discussed before. Please see the suppliers forum.

Moved to correct area...

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30 Jul 06 11:43:15 pm
used them, had bad experience with them and they took too long to ship. Sometimes they forget to ship the merchandise - even!

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3 Aug 06 10:40:52 pm
I posted a topic on them in the name them and shame category under suppliers. It has a lot of feedback on them. I've used them a lot in the past and have had several bad experiences.

They're very slow on shipments. If you're using them as a dropshipper be careful, I got a lot of negative feedback because of their slow shipping.

I've also had them send incomplete orders.

I had a couple bad orders shipped to my customers and it took them over a month to credit me back.

I wouldn't use them unless you have too. Their service is terrible. A lot of people have had problems with them. Checkout that topic I posted and good luck.

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9 Sep 06 07:12:53 pm
Hi everyone!

Joined this site almost 3 weeks ago, kept looking, searching but couldn't find anything to sell. Are there any good sellers out there? Who to trust and who not to? Any advises from SaleHoo??


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13 Sep 06 06:05:31 pm
I feel the same way. I am new. I keep looking and can't find anything that seems like a deal. I check eBay and I see these items being sold cheaper than what I can buy them for. How is there a profit made? Where are they getting their stuff?


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13 Sep 06 09:41:58 pm
Beware of netdropshipper! Check the B.B.B. for reasons why.

14 Sep 06 12:19:45 am
Netdropshipper is what you want to be. Theres no profit if you buy from them and then try and resell. Those guys are raking in the cash. There also extremely unrealible. Dont even goto that site again!!

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14 Sep 06 12:21:07 am
Netdropshipper is what you want to be. Theres no profit if you buy from them and then try and resell. Those guys are raking in the cash. There also extremely unrealible. Dont even goto that site again!!

That was me.

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11 Jan 07 08:39:54 am

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