New Amazon Dropshipper Needs Help

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6 Dec 16 06:20:21 am
HI. I have also started Dropshipping in amazon.

1. I have listed some products on amazon (flash light, gift items). But Amazon shows my shipping time 10-17 days but I can ship my product to my customers within 1-3 days. Now tell me who gonna buy from me if my customers see I take 10-17 days to ship a product. Please tell me how to make my shipping time 1-3 days and compete with other sellers.

2. After listing few product with no sale at all, Amazon now puts a QUALITY ALERT SIGN on 3 products (out of 8). Amazon telling me to Input Product Title, Manufacturer Name,Brand Name. But How can I provide this info as the product is non Brand. My seller provides no info Manufacturer, or Brand name. How to deal with it? Please Help.

Also I do not know why I have to provide this info again to Amazon as the product was already listed on Amazon And I have just listen on as another seller,"Sell On Amazon".

Thank you.

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6 Dec 16 07:34:39 am
Hi Minhaz,

Your best speaking directly with Amazon support to resolve issues with them. You call call their customer support on 0011 1 206-266-2992. Alternatively, you can also contact them through their support page.

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