New to Dropshipping and eBay - Advice please

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11 Apr 07 09:36:29 pm
Hello, I am both new to Salehoo and Ebay. I am interested in dropshipping maybe part-time (10-20 hours/week) right now. I saw a particular clothing site that would make a little bit of money with the right research and pricing with ebay. One drawback that I see is getting past the 25 minimun order requirement (maybe some other contingencies as well.) What would you guys advise me to do. The scenario right now if I could get (1) item at the price the dropshipper prices it and I could put it on Ebay a little higher I would make money. Please point me in the right direction.

- Bluefoxski

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14 Apr 07 05:51:34 am
Well dropshipping is ok if you want smaller risk but the hard part of dropshipping is guaranteeing your stock. Many sellers have problems when thier suppliers run out of certian Items.

The best profits come from having your own stock on hand.

Have you considered buying in light bulk or liquidated stock ?

For dropshipping Some fair places to start is
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14 Apr 07 10:16:35 pm
Dropshipping is fine for some people. Don't forget the shipping fees, paypal fees, and Ebay fees. Some of these additional costs really add up. In some cases people actually lose some money. Than again it takes money to make money. To start I suggest having products in hand and ready to ship. Start small and work your way up to larger orders. In some cases it might be worth the additional time saving money to buy the 25 items at a better price.

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14 Apr 07 11:56:13 pm
There is dropshipping and there is real dropshipping. The dropshippers you find on google right out for the public to find is so swamped that it's hard to make any money. You need to find a good supplier and work up a relationship with them and talk them in to dropshipping for you. An actual supplier/distributor that only sells to a dealer.

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18 Apr 07 05:36:05 pm
true say!!

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16 Dec 08 10:14:37 pm
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