New to dropshipping, I could really use some advice!

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26 Mar 19 09:40:41 pm
Hey everyone! So, I'm very new to drop shipping - I've really just gotten into it in the past few days - but, I am already well on my way towards opening my first store, give or take a few aspects that I'm still fairly lost on.

And that's really what I wan't to ask you all about, those lingering questions...

Okay so here goes. First of all, is it common practice to contact a potential drop shipper as soon as my store front is complete design-wise, payment-wise, all that sort of thing, or are there still further steps to take before I should reach out? To put that a little simpler, my website looks done apart from the products - which are all empty. This won't scare off a potential supplier?

Which leads me to number two, which is, once I do contact a supplier and get that all worked out, how will the connection between my store front and their supply be made? I guess I'm just sort of unsure as to where the actual birdge lies, you know? Will they just provide me with a link, or will the invoice just get sent to them!?

Any help would be fantastic, thanks everyone!

Edit: I should add, I'm using shopify as my online store front.
Edit2: Another thing came to mind as I searched the settings - should I buy a domain prior to contacting a supplier?? I've still got the whole .myshopify thing in there...

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29 Mar 19 08:17:12 pm
Hi there

I would suggest you start contacting suppliers asap, even before your shop is ready. They sometimes take days to reply and to be honest, most suppliers don't even care what your website looks like.
The aesthetics of your website should be aimed towards your buyers.

Shopify has some great apps for dropshippers, check this out:

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Once again, suppliers don't care if your shop is still however, I would suggest to get your personalized domain asap as potential clients would be more comfortable buying from your store then.

I hope this helps!

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