New to dropshipping - start up tips needed

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19 Aug 11 03:41:50 am
I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips for me. I have been a member for a couple of weeks and am only listing and selling on ebay. I am running into the problem of not being able to find items from any drop shipper that is not on ebay or that I can reasonably compete with as far as the price. Does anyone have any tips that can help me out until I can afford to buy wholesale lots and compete?

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22 Aug 11 01:01:21 am
Hi and welcome to SaleHoo, adamcsoki :)

If you still having found something through dropshipping, you might want to explore your own home - closet, bebdroom, kitchen, garage or basement. You are bound to find something still usable but you are no longer using. Selling things from around your home is a great way to start out, it gives you the chance to experiment with little to no risk since you don't have to shell out money to get the products. Plus its a great way to build up feedback and to master the necessary skills to succeed at selling online. You might just find the product or niche product most suited to you and your market!

Also, you have to remember that eBay is one of the most competitive sites to sell at. You are bound to rub elbows with just about anybody and everybody including a few wholesalers who sell directly to the public :)

You might want to explore other sites too, but continue list a few items on eBay as they are highly flocked by buyers so the traffic you get from eBay will be quite useful especially if you can channel it to you other off-eBay listings.

When you're searching for dropshippers you might find this post helpful - Link hidden: Login to view

Hope this helps, all the best!


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