New to Dropshipping - What can I sell to make a profit?

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24 Dec 07 04:21:24 pm
Hi. I am totally new with drop shipping and I am in need of some help.

For all you experienced eBay sellers, what items usually make more profit? I have searched some PSPs, xBox etc. And the wholesale price is a bit...High for eBay and in some cases higher then retail price :shock:

So does anyone know what I can sell to make profit on eBay?

Thanks in advanced

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25 Dec 07 02:44:31 am
Hi, Generally the most popular products are very saturated especially in the dropship arena. You would want to steer clear of the hot items and sell items that is less popular.

Dropshipping has become so hard especially for ebay sellers as literally every drop ship supplier sells the exact same stuff. Meaning you have 50,000 other dropshippers competing against each other and wholesalers beating them to the puch with lower price products.

If you have the capital at all to buy in small bulk, I would recommend you avoid dropshipping if you can.

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26 Dec 07 06:15:55 am
I am in the same boat as techspot, can't afford to purchase wholesale big or small. I was thinking of selling a niche product, but were do I find something.
Maybe ebooks, are they saturated?????


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