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New to Importing and Dropshipping

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4 Feb 07 06:20:04 pm
Hi All, I am new to SaleHoo and the whole businees of importing, Dropshipping and Wholesaling but am committed to give it a go.
I am debating between starting with dropshipping or importing from China on a small scale and reselling on ebay.
Any suggestions on the best of my 2 options - I want to start small so I can gain the experience.
Will I make a success.

Also I am based in Holland, what are the implicatin for import taxes from China and other taxes I may not be aware of.
Please Help and Advise.

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2 Mar 07 07:21:51 am
Ive also just started in this business, and like you Im wanting to start small, importing from china and see if i can make a profit on ebay... any info i can get is good

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2 Mar 07 08:08:59 am
Ive also just started in this business, and like you Im wanting to start small, importing from china and see if i can make a profit on ebay... any info i can get is good

Hi there! I wonder if you are one of my referrals? I've had several australian customers recently and I just thought I'd make note of it.

Anyhow to get started, all you really need is a good dropshipper. Find one of those and try out the group called ChinaVision. I reccomend them because they have alot of items in stock!

ChinaVision will also have alot of the more uncommon items. I started to consider that they are the Walmart of China but stopped short of that. They do have every smaller niche items, particularly MP3 products and phone parts and odds and ends. They also offer everything at bargain wholesale level.

Well most of everything I'd say. I would reccomend them to most who are just starting. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me. MP3/phone/wireless accessories are hotter sellers lately.

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9 Mar 07 07:16:36 am
Helloo Salehoo people

Im new to this and theres one important question i have regaurding international shipping.

If i buy a porduct from another country and get it shipped to my country, Dos shipping and the shipping cost include the product being droped off at my home address? Or dos it just get deliverd to the airport? Or the nearest post office to where it is shipped?
Or Are there extra costs to get the product to my address. from where it was shipped to?

Many thanks to any one that can help anyone can give me

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12 Mar 07 06:53:59 pm
Hello I only have but one suggestion: Do NOT use export menu as a dropshipper! I have lost a lot of money using them. They used to have a 100% satisfaction guarantee until I needed to get a refund, then they all of a sudden don't have that anymore!!

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3 Apr 07 03:35:54 pm
The product would get delivered to your home.

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