Newbie seeking Help With Dropshippers

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22 Mar 12 08:14:42 pm
I am having trouble finding a drop shipper who will just dropship 1 item at a time. Most of them you have have to buy lots or cases or crates. And a shipper who will not charge over the top fee's or membership fees unless they are reasonable and a shipper who charges reasonable prices for items and shipping costs. My interest's are 1st silver & gemstone jewelry, 2nd plus size clothing to women, childrens clothing, and possibly cookbooks or religious or spiritual items. I feel like I am getting no where fast. Signed up w/salehoo Feb 8th. I even bought into their website deal, and got my tax Id & EIN # thinking this would enable me to find better suppliers. I am getting a LIL stressed out.Thanks for any imput or feed-back it would be greatly appreciated. Am I being un-realistic?

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22 Mar 12 09:29:37 pm
If they're only selling case lots and crates, chances are they aren't drop shipping -- or, their drop shipping options are separate from what you're seeing on the site.

Regarding your specific niches:

My interest's are 1st silver & gemstone jewelry

Avoid like the plague. You simply cannot make any money in this niche as a dropshipper. Have you seen the prices pieces fetch on eBay? Gemstones/watches/jewelry is one of the niches where eBay is definitively a wholesale/liquidation source for buyers (jewelry does better than stones, generally, but the competition is crazy.)

plus size clothing to women, childrens clothing

If you happen to live near a city of any size, look around for wholesalers in the city. In Atlanta for example, there's the ApparelMart, which has suppliers' reps from companies around the world. Most cities of any size have a wholesale market, and apparel is usually abundantly represented (plus, serious deals can be found at the cash and carry markets.)

Of course, these will for the most part not be dropshippers, but you can at least make some solid contacts who work in that niche, which can be very helpful.

possibly cookbooks or religious or spiritual items

No idea on this one, but I think I recall the religious items niche having been asked about a few times, and Satya coming up with several choices.

I would suggest that you might want to focus a little -- that's a broad range of different products to be trying to research at the same time. Frustration is a normal thing that I think everyone in this business deals with, sometimes on a regular basis. Keep the faith, and look for a single niche, a single brand, even a single item that you feel you can sell at a profit, and work on getting your first few sales. Communicate with buyers (and lookers) before and after a sale, and you'll find them coming back, as well as telling friends about you.

But you've got to decide on something to put out there, before you ever do any of that. So don't let yourself get too bogged down. Research is important, but getting overwhelmed to the point that you never really make any progress is too common a malady to newbies in this business.


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23 Mar 12 02:12:20 am
Hi Homeatlastgirl,

Frank has given you great tips. Just to add, you might want to try our Link hidden: Login to view to help you find a viable niche :)

Also every week we feature a niche product we find using our research lab.

I have to agree with Frank about doing your due diligence. Personally searching for suppliers would be my last step. Try looking more into your target market - Demand and competition.

All the best!


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20 Apr 12 03:23:06 am
Hi Homeatlastgirl, I'm not sure if you have already solved your problem. My wholesale fashion website, Cleocat-Fashion (Link hidden: Login to view), provides dropship for single items. We are based in Singapore btw.


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