Newcomer, build a startup list from scratch

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26 Apr 13 06:12:58 am
Hello. I'm kind of looking for a list, a numbered list of how I should start and continue. Because I have nothing yet. I want to start an internet company selling products in Norway (which isn't simple). I have read a lot, but there should be a list (some kind of checkup list) for newcomers I think. Maybe I can help make one, since I am a newcomer and want to start up too. Is there anyone who can help me in giving me some tips, and advice in what I have to, like I need a company (registered company), an internet site and so on.
Because I have (almost) no money to start with, atleast it will take longer time. Here is some of my ideas:
1. Register a company in Norway (free)
2. Get an (free or payable) internet site (I have today)
3. Make an market plan (a plan with information and budget and so on) (free)
4. Find out about import rules in Norway (dropshipping at first, then wholesale) (free)
5. Use Salehoo (and other places to get information) (free and not free)
6. Find secure companies to shop from (free)

And, I really need help to prioritize, and find a lot more to fill up my list. Please comment if you can, and ofcourse I am reading everything in here I can.

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27 Apr 13 08:24:03 pm
I'm not sure you could number it like that, but I would number it like this personally.

1. Develop a business plan, now that includes researching your market to identify your competitors as much as it does identifying good suppliers. Things like registering a domian name and setting up a website aren't important at all at this stage.

Research, research and more research is what's important. Right now, I'm willing to bet that you're not even sure who your competitors are, let alone if you can source products from a reliable source that will allow you to compete against them, so you need to learn your market to discover if there is even a market there for you before absolutely anything else.

Get that sorted, 2,3,4 and so on are simple!

I would suggest that you might find this thread interesting reading. I'm sure there is some very relevant information in here that you will find informative for your own situation.

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