Outrageous pricing from suppliers

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30 Jan 15 06:57:49 pm
I am trying to decide if it will be profitable for me to start an online store. I have chosen to look into the drop shipping method. I am shocked with what I have seen so far as far as the prices go. I went to a drop shipper on here after paying for my membership and just looked around. I found over and over again that he is selling his products at retail. Everything could be purchased off of Amazon for the same price or cheaper. And I found it on ebay for less AND free shipping. Here is the product I put into Google to search ( the one the drop shipper is offering ) Tifosi Logic Gloss Magnesium Fototec Sunglasses. The drop shipper wants $79.95 + $7.40 for the sunglasses. Thats $87.35. The same sunglasses are on Amazon for $89.64 and E-bay for $82.99. But I still have to make a profit, plus credit card fees and everything else that costs money. How does anyone make any money doing this? I thought maybe it was the product so I looked around and found worse offenses such as $8.00 shipping for a $3.00 9volt battery. Im astonished. Then I thought well, maybe its the dropshipper being greedy, making money on the product AND the shipping. So I checked out others and have found nothing different. How can anyone make any money? Tell me who you go through and maybe give some ideas and bounce some info my way if you can. Im so frustrated right now I dont know what to do. Thank you

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31 Jan 15 06:53:29 am

I know it is hard to find a supplier and make good profit. But they are out there. Even so if the supplier are more expensive than ebay as your example, and it depends where you want to sell it. Many people who sells on ebay or amazon for that instance just copy past the titel from their suppliers site. You have to find the key words. As your example " Tifosi Logic Gloss Magnesium Fototec Sunglasses ".
My guess is a customer on ebay wouldn`t search for Tifosi and see what pops up. Myself i haven`t even heard about it. The only good word i can see in the title is Sunglasses. Is Tifosi a designer sunglasses? For man, women, child or unisex?
So if i put in the title designer sunglasses and come up with as many key words as u can. I think the word designer and sunglasses are probably more chance to hit the search than Tifosi sunglasses. People might be in a hurry, they see designer sunglasses for 103.99 think it is a good price.
And they buy it.
My prices on ebay is not always the cheapest ones, but i do sell. Because i change the title completely in 99% of my listings.

This is my to cent.

Ps! with 103.99 u make a little profit.

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1 Feb 15 04:21:28 am
I agree, I have yet to find a product that I can't find cheaper on both eBay and Amazon. As of now not real happy with my SaleHOO subscription.


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1 Feb 15 10:01:05 pm
Dropship prices has minimum margins, that's the nature of dropshipping. You have to remember that you aren't buying in wholesale volume, so you aren't getting volume discounts with dropshipping. That said, eBay and Amazon aren't retail prices, they are wholesale markets and in may cases you will get products at below wholesale.

It's important to firstly understand how markets like eBay and Amazon work to develop a strategy to help you compete. I would suggest reading this article Link hidden: Login to view

We also have follow up articles on the forum to assist with marketing options that you may also find helpful, so I would definitely recommend reading through those as well.

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